Monday, January 10, 2011

~New admin: Larka

~New/clarified rules; please re-read the Rules and Fighting and Challenging Rules. Summary: only one alpha per pack, no killing allowed, alphas (or betas) must remain active (one post per two weeks) or else lose the pack, alphas can designate fighters to respond to challenges for them, and only two victories needed to win a pack, rather than two per alpha.

~New packs open: Cold Summers Pack, Abendrot Pack and Bright Moon Pack. Please refer to Larka's post to audition for alpha positions in these packs.

~Coming soon: chat box for OOC discussions (on a dedicated page, not the OOC Board), Members pages, updated Contacts list, and a less biased, more organized judging system for fights.

Last Update
Saturday, September 12, 2009

~First, I want to thank Holly for all of her hard work in the last seven years. Without her patient guidance and support, Blossom Forest would not be here right now. It seems that both of us have had to move on now, but I'm certain that Blossom Forest will continue on thriving, and I wish Holly all the best. There's too much that I should thank her and apologize to her for, and I hope one day I can make up for everything. Until then, take care!

~With respect to Holly's recommendation, BF players' support and my own observations, Akari is unanimously the best candidate to take over where Holly left off in terms of helping Dee resolve conflicts and giving the final say on issues in my place. Please give her all of your respect and don't be afraid to ask her for help. Thank you, Akari, from myself, Holly and all of Blossom Forest, for offering your time to keep Blossom Forest a friendly and well-organized place to role-play, learn and meet new people. Let's keep this site going =)

~I know greensmurf also has a lot of experience and the right temperament for help moderate the site, so I'll also give her the official stamp of authority. Understand that I don't mean to put any pressure or extra responsibility on any of you, and I simply hope that this will allow more people to help resolve conflicts on this site. Thanks very much!

Old Updates


++.The forest is thriving with new life, insects, plants and animals alike. The soothing warmth is unique, different from the blazing heat encountered in worlds outside Blossom Forest. A few healthy white clouds dot the skies, only occasionally turning an angry dark gray and letting loose a small shower or storm. The butterflies and bees are in the middle of their harvest of honey, just as the squirrels and chipmunks are in the midst of their work. Eventually the summer bliss will end; this is known by all but acknowledged by few. Soon the seasons will continue to move on and winter will be here.++
- Season last changed on March 31st, 2006 -


Blossom Forest officially opened July 28th, 2002.