Old Updates

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

~I just want to post a quick update to bring attention to the new page, Save the Wolves! that brings attention to one of the most recent concerns about wolves in the United States. No matter where we live in the world, I think this is an issue that affects everyone who cares about these beautiful animals. If you have time, take a look!

~I also want to thank everyone for keeping the site wonderfully active and problem-free! We've had a lot of new and extremely dedicated members lately and it's great to see that the role-playing community is still flourishing. Welcome and have fun, everyone! Be sure to thank all the helpers (admins/mods, whatever you prefer to call them ^^) who keep this site running. All I really do now is pay for the hosting =P

Friday, May 18th, 2007
~Woah, four months passed really quickly there. Amazing...Blossom Forest is almost 5 years old. A lot of the thanks have to go to all the volunteers who find the time to help keep this site going when I can't be around personally. Holly and Dee have stuck around longer than anyone and they deserve the recognition. There are many other people who have also dedicated so much to this site, and I regret having to see them leave. It has come to my attention many times that people have been showing a lack of respect not only to other role-players in general, but to the admin (if that's the correct term) as well. This is intolerable and I want to apologize for not being here to enforce some basic decency. Blossom Forest has encountered all shorts of mishaps from people and I've always been around to put things back in order, but not lately - and it makes things so much harder for the people who love this site and work so hard for it. I want you to think about where we would be without these people, and the next time you feel like talking back to them, please take a moment to think about what they go through. When no one else has the time to keep this site running, they are the ones who have never, and I mean NEVER left. Even though this is an online community and we have never met face-to-face, please grant people the same amount of respect you would allow your friends in real life. Be gracious, take suggestions, be considerate, and always, always keep improving. I know some of you are still young; I was young when I first joined this community. I'm sensing a lot of attitude lately, not directed toward me, but behind my back to the people who speak for me. Just because they don't have the direct power to block anyone (for the moment) doesn't mean you should give them less respect than you give me. It bothers me to see people immediately back down when I enter the scene, and yet insist on continuing to argue with Holly or Dee. I might be the "god" of this site, but they work a million times harder than I do and, in fact, everyone should try to treat all the people on this site with kindness, tolerance and respect. Before you start arguing with what an admin tells you, please take a moment to think about what you might have done, said, or what attitude you might have shown them. I know they were extremely kind people, so please don't take advantage of them, and don't make them repeat themselves. Thank you, everyone, for sticking around. I have exciting plans for this summer in terms of revamping the site, recoding the pages, and FINALLY coming up with a way to keep the member pages updated. I'm thinking automated active checks, ageing, reporting posts, updating packs...it will be amazing =) So until then, please be patient and let's all get along ^_^ no complaints, people. Show your appreciation and take a moment to say thank you to Holly and Dee and anyone else who has helped this site glow.

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
~A notice from Silent Death: "All wolves wishing to be the alpha of Aurora Borealis will post to alert me. I will choose two wolves to fight. I will judge who won, using grammar, spelling, and the actual fight. The loser will basically be knocked out of the drawing. Whoever wins the series of fight will finally fight Silent Death; winner or not they will take over the pack. If it happens only one wolf wants the pack, it's a default win."
~Indeed, I'm still here...I apologize for the recent downtimes. The free webhosts just aren't good enough anymore, so I've decided to start paying for hosting. Sadly, Blossom Forest isn't quite as active as it once was (heh who am I kidding), but this is a sign (to myself as well as all of you) that I'm not yet ready to give up on this site yet. Hopefully I can get my act together and finally get to that members page (if anyone still cares about that) and...find a way to get this site active again...which probably starts with doing some advertising for once. Once we get going again, I might introduce some more things...that would help me pay for the hosting and domain...XP

Friday, November 3rd, 2006
~I'm dropping in again for a major announcement =) I know I haven't been doing a very good job maintaining this site lately, and I've considered some suggestions from BF's members ^^ Basically, I'm going to start spreading the power, so to speak, and let a few more people help run the site.
~Taisha, Holly, Laura (Chiji), Kay, Rhayne, Dee, Misty and Mariyam can accept new members when they have the time.
~I'm looking for someone responsible, organized and active to send me email updates about what pages to change and summarizing everything down to a concise statement: "which page, what line, insert/delete what name..."
~A few people will be given passwords for updating the member's page and hopefully the members list will be updated a lot faster =)
~I also need people to take care of the boards, by deleting spam/ads and posts with unclosed tags.
~I have received a few emails from people expressing interest in these jobs, but I'm looking for a few more candidates before deciding. If interested in this job, please send me an email (see the Contacts page.) Keep in mind that I can only choose a small number of people to help out, to keep the site under control.

Thursday, August 10th, 2006
~Yep, I'm back from the Grand Canyon! Hopefully I'll get to the Members page and update everything...soon.
~I readded a rule to the Fighting/Challenging Rules: "You must wait one month before challenging a wolf again." In other words, you can't challenge, for example, an alpha over and over again in hopes of getting lucky one time.

Friday, July 28th, 2006
~It's Blossom Forest's birthday! This site opened exactly 4 years ago and I'm proud to say that it has never faltered once. Of course, there were slow days...slow months...maybe even slow years, but the posts have never stopped coming. Please help us keep this site alive for many years to come!
~The active check is still running, so please reply asap =)
~I'm leaving tomorrow for a trip to the Grand Canyon and I won't be back until August 9th. I should be able to access the internet on a couple days, but if not, please be patient about delayed replies. Thanks!

Monday, July 17th, 2006
~Yes, it's...ACTIVE CHECK TIME. I'm sure everyone is very excited, since this means: 1. Sandra is alive, 2. Blossom Forest will hopefully stay alive, 3. The Members page will be updated! Amazing! Psh yeah, so everyone please go to the active checks board, read the instructions, and hopefully this will go smoothly.
~I removed the links to the Personalizing and Role-Playing Help pages, because well, the personalizing service has long since died...and the role-playing help page is quite embarrassing. If anyone wants them back up, or if anyone actually uses the Role-Playing Help page, please let me know on the OOC Board.

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
~I am a very, very bad updater. The Members list is rotting. So is this update page...but I'm happy to see that the RPG is still alive ^^ I'm sure we all can't wait until summer =) Until then, hang on, guys!
~Blossom Forest is hosting a new RPG: Cabalistic Relm.
~Changed the season. Haha...you know, we might as well go by real-life seasons at the rate I update at. So eh, yeah...it's summer.

Friday, March 31st, 2006
~Ha, yes, I'm still alive...I thought I'd post an update in case you weren't sure. School is very mean right now and I'm barely alive, but I'm glad the site is still hanging in there. I'll update the Members page when I magically have some time, which might not be until summer...
~Kuro's new RPG: Whale & Wasp II. Join!
~Changed the season.

Thursday, December 29th, 2005
~I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Yep, now that the winter break is here Sandra is magically alive again. You might even see some in-characters posts from me ^^
~Blossom Forest is now hosting The Valley. Please join?
~It's time for an Active Check. Yes, that's right, Sandra is finally going to update the members list. I added the newest members, but I haven't made their profile pages yet so the links won't work. I'll do that after I find out who's active ^.~ So everyone go post!
~Changed the season.

Saturday, November 12th, 2005
~Sadly, today we have to say good bye to one of our most dedicated members, Robin, who has role-played at Blossom Forest for almost 3 years. Her characters included Sundew, Faith, Rynn, Skyfire, Ecstacy, Archer, Shinja and Reiki. We'll miss her very much and we all hope she'll come back one day. Tak