When you join Blossom Forest, you must agree to abide by these rules.


1. Swearing is only allowed in an inoffensive and non-sexual way, and I hope you will keep it to a minimum. Don't use swearing unless you know the other role-player is okay with it. Posts with excessive bad language will be deleted. Please keep in mind that many people start role-playing as young as 10 years old, and Blossom Forest is meant to be friendly for all ages. Swearing at someone OOC will not be tolerated.

2. Please use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar in your posts. Don't use MSN/AIM short-forms.

3. Powers and magical abilities are not allowed.

4. Don't use font colours, marquees or centers in the subject or name of a post. Only change the font colour in your post if it won't hurt anyone's eyes against the green background.

5. Wolves cannot be killed without their player's permission.


1. The alphas are the boss of the pack; they can exile a wolf from the pack or attack the wolf when they are on their territory.

2. The alphas determine your rank. They can raise your rank or lower it. It's considered very impolite to ask for a rank.

3. Please respect pack borders. To show respect, make it clear that your wolf is outside the pack borders. Trespassers will be warned, and may be driven out by existing pack members. Although powerplaying or godmoding are not allowed, an outnumbered intruder will realistically be hurt in the process.

4. Each player is only allowed to play one alpha wolf, no exceptions. Be aware before you mate with someone.

5. Wolves who are mates must have the same rank, and wolves that share a rank must be mates.

6. Alphas are expected to post at least once every two weeks to keep their pack active. If you need to go on hiatus, you must assign a beta to run the pack, or step down to let another wolf take leadership.


1. Mates are permanent, in the sense that wolves do not 'divorce'.

2. You do not have to ask for your alphas' permission to have a mate.


1. No graphical/long breeding and no sexual content of any kind is allowed. While I can't make the site completely PG, we need to keep it as close as possible.

2. Breeding is allowed during any season. Your wolf doesn't need permission from the alpha to breed.

3. You and your mate can decide how many pups you have and their stats (gender, appearance, personality.) You will have to join the pups on the Joining Board after they are born (include the parents' names).


1. You can only hunt at Prey Plateau.

2. Read the Hunting and Prey-Playing Procedures before hunting.


1. Official challenges should be fought out at Quarrels Clearing, but impromptu fights can happen anywhere.

2. No powerplaying, godmoding, etc. Powerplaying is when you post what happens to your opponent and saying where they get hurt. The trick is to post what could happen to the opponent if their wolf doesn't dodge fast enough (or something else), but make it clear that it might not happen. The resulting injury depends on what the other player posts in reply. Godmoding is making your character all-powerful and not taking any hits at all, or basically 'playing god' and being invincible. This is not allowed.

3. Read the Fighting and Challenging Procedures before challenging a wolf.


1. Only three standard ages are accepted: pup, teen and adult.

2. If you want to age your wolf, make sure it has been at least a month since you joined or the last time you aged.

3. Wolves aren't required to die of old age.


1. You must wait for a welcoming post from one of the acceptors in reply to your joining post before posting anywhere on this site. This prevents improperly joined members.

2. a) Name: Please search the Joining Board for the name you're about to join to make sure the wolf doesn't already exist. If conflicts happen, the older player has the right to the name.
b) Age: Pup, teen or adult. Convert your '5 winters' or '2 years' to whatever term you think fits (pup, teen or adult.)
c) Gender: Male or Female. You may use fancy terms, but I can't guarantee I'll always know them, so be prepared to clarify.
d) Appearance: Absolutely necessary. Describe the appearance of your wolf. It can be simple.
e) Personality: Required.
f) History: Optional.
g) Picture: Optional.
h) Player (OOC) Name: Optional. Make up a screen name, if you want people to know who plays this wolf.
i) Email: Optional. Let us know if you want it to be listed on the Members or Contacts page.
j) Other: This part is extra, for disabilities (blind, deaf, etc.) or family ties (e.g. 'Kaive's brother is Jenygre'.)

As the owner and creator of this site, I (and my characters) have the right to break and/or ignore any or every rule listed above (but I won't). I may change the rules anytime with or without written notices.

Sandra, Akari, greensmurf and Larka have the final say on all matters on this site. We really appreciate being treated with respect and will do our best to deal with issues fairly.