Posted on January 10, 2011 at 04:48:10 PM by Larka

Okay, so now that I've got your attention, here's how we're deciding on the new alphas.

1. This is NOT a tournament. There will be no fighting involved since Sandra thinks that there are potentially good leaders with not so great fighting skills.

2. Instead, we are having a writing competition based off of grammar/spelling skills, creativity, and your ability to reply to a prompt, as if this wolf was on your borders, waiting to join. Legnth does NOT play a major role in this competition because we know some of you could write a novel while others would prefer to write a few paragraphs.

3. In terms of length, there is one criteria. Your post or reply to the prompt must be between 250 words and 1000 words. This way we know that you can make a plausible reply or, if you are one of those people who abundantly writes, we know that you have the ability to refrain from writing too much. This will help us to determine the winner in a much faster manner as well because then we don't have to read long, five page ramblings or one line sentences. Anyone who sends in something that is obviously less than 250 words will be disqualified for not upholding the terms of the contest, as will anyone who writes something that is obviously over the limit of 1000. They will be checked for word count, though something submitted as say 248 words will be accepted, same as 1007.

4. Those wishing to enter may only enter ONCE. You may only apply for ONE pack since the new rule is that players may only own one alpha. Please decide which pack you would like to apply for. They may be applied for with either a male or female character, so long as they are an ADULT character. Those available to choose from are:

Cold Summers
Bright Moon (added at Sandra's request ;D)

5. Entries are to be e-mailed to me. Please, DO NOT POST THEM HERE ON BF. While I trust all of you are original people and trust worthy, I know that reading someone else's work can influence you, even if it is subconsciously happening. By having all entries emailed to me, they will be privately submitted so that no one else may read them other than the judges. Because entries are emailed to me, you will not have a chance to edit them. Whatever is sent in is sent in and qualifies as your entry. (Hint hint: suggest using Microsoft Word or some other writing program) My e-mail:

(if any of you are curious about why my email is that, you can ask me when you send in your entry ;D)

6. You will be replying to a cold prompt of my making. It will be short and simple, as if my character Name, was looking to join the pack you are applying for. The prompt is right after this post. The end date is exactly two months from today on:
MARCH 10th 2011
Emailed entries will be accepted until Midnight my time (eastern standard time in the USA) and I will word count the entries, seperate them by which pack the application is for, and then email them to the other judges.

7. Your email entry should be sent to me with the following subject:

*wolf's name* applying for *pack's name*

for example: Larka applying for Spring Grounds

Your email should also include your OOC name at the end of it, and the best way to contact you (email, AIM -some other kind of instant messaging- , or just through BF) in the event that you win. Put your in-character reply to my cold prompt post in the body of this email.

8. The judges include all of the current alphas (those who are keeping their one alpha position) and Sandra (providing she has the time to help and agrees to do so). Sandra's opinion will be highly valued since she knows hardly anyone who may be applying.

9. Any questions, feel free to ask in reply to this thread. Just NO ENTRIES here please.

If there are any packs that become available, or a current alpha wishing to obtain a mate through this contest of sorts, then they will be added once I have word from the player, along with whether the position needs a male or female to apply for the spot.


That's the NAME of my GAME [THE PROMPT]
Posted on January 10, 2011 at 04:55:22 PM by Larka

Name wished to join a pack. He was a quiet brute, with a small, shy disposition. Well, not shy per chance, but he was certainly the silent, observant type. He padded along with ebon socks contrasting against the vibrant green grass. His sea foam colored orbs gazed ahead of him, his charcoal harks swiveling to catch the sounds that traveled on the breeze. A pack border loomed before him. Deciding that this one smelled alright, he reclined on his haunches, tilted his black muzzle to the sky, and howled for the alpha to, hopefully, accept him into their land.