Rules for Fighting and Challenging


1. Fighting is only allowed at Quarrels Clearing.

2. No powerplaying, godmoding, etc. Fair fights only.

3. Ask for someone to judge your fight on the OOC Board.


You can modify these guidelines before the fight if your partner agrees. The credit goes to greensmurf for these guidelines.

1. Each player has two posts for attacks and an extra one for the last person to say what damage is done.

2. At most, two attacks per post. You can choose to do less.

3. Each wolf has access to the use of one full dodge, and two half dodges.

4. One full hit must be taken during the fight.


1. Try to post your challenge where the wolf will be most likely to see it. The best place is probably their pack, if they're in one, but make sure you don't cross the pack borders if you're not a member (make it clear in your post where your wolf stands).

2. If a wolf doesn't reply to the challenge (accept or decline) after a week, the challenger wins by default.

3. Challenging for a pack (alpha position) is allowed, but you must challenge and win twice in a row to gain leadership of the pack. This rule does not apply to challenges for other ranks. If there are two alphas, you only to fight each of them once, but you have to win both times.

4. An alpha cannot refuse a challenge. If they are unable to fight themselves (pregnancy, hiatus, lack of skill, pacifism, etc.), they must have a pack member fight for them, or else lose the challenge.

5. You must wait one month before challenging the same wolf again.

Please try to follow these rules exactly/as best as possible. For any other issues, use your common sense or ask on the OOC Board. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by everyone. Thanks!