On this page will be various pages that can help you learn more about Blossom Forest. Keep in mind that most of these pages are more member-orientated; some of the information aren't very useful for RPG-browsers who are wondering if they should join.

Site Information and History
Will be continued to be developed. This is just the fill-in version so I don't have to put 'under construction' or something.

Map of Blossom Forest + Comments
Same window

Map of Blossom Forest

Plot Summary
For those who are curious.

An essay I wrote (for school) about Kaive. The 4th and 5th paragraphs contain detailed background information for the plot (Kaive's Homeland.)

Powers Summary
Powers will not be widely available until after the plot.

A post I wrote for a contest. This short work details Kaive's escape of her Homeland following the invasion of the Beasts.