Site Information and History

Blossom Forest was first hosted by Brinkster. The Brinkster account was created on July 17th and by July 27th the site opened. The domain '' was purchased on January 14th.

Blossom Forest isn't one of those 'original' wolf RPGs. This site isn't based on a creative plot (or any plot at all), where you have to join either 'this side or that', or play mutant/ghost wolves. At Blossom Forest, you can join a wolf to your preference and then role-play with them wherever/whenever you want.

Other facts
- The Cavern of Secrets was created when two pups needed a 'spooky' place to explore.
- Sacred Stones, Rainbow Cliff and Misty Mountain were created after a poll.
- The introduction page was rewritten twice as my writing styles progressed and changed.
- The 'pinkify Blossom Forest' feature was added on August 14th, 2005.