Kaive is a wolf, spun from the depths of one's imagination. Born in the world of role-playing, Kaive is a character more than a year old who now has an extensive personality and history. She started out with a shallow personality and next to no history at all, but now this imagination-spun individual has more personality and character traits than most novel characters, and a more detailed and developed history than had ever been anticipated by her creator.

Kaive's creator and player started her journey on the worn path of writing in a role-playing game. Kaive was not her first character; rather, Sandra started out using the name of her pet cat, Felicia, when joining her wolf. Felicia was the 'perfect' character - an intelligent, playful, curious and simply adorable young wolf pup. However, she was a very shallow character and had no flaws or deflects. When Sandra realized the disadvantages of having only a pup character in an RPG - pups could not become the alpha of a pack - she decided to join another character, this time an adult wolf...but who? She shifted through her short list of names and picked "Kaive' - a word she had made up that rhymed with 'naive' - to be the name of her new character. With that decided, Sandra commenced the creation of Kaive. However, she fell victim to perfectionism and her second character had the same problem as Felicia; Kaive had absolutely no flaws. She was "pure-white with sky-blue eyes' and was "kind, gentle, pure-hearted and intelligent". One could only play such a 'perfect' character for so long before one became extremely bored. Sandra had Kaive immediately proceeded to adopt Felicia, not realizing that there was really no point in role-playing with oneself for hours when there were other role-players out there who could have easily adopted Felicia. This prototype Kaive lasted for many months, amazingly, before Sandra finally took the next step and began to un-'perfect' her character to a more realistic level.

The current Kaive retains her white pelt and azure eyes, but one would almost never recognize her from the original. She holds herself tall and proud, mainly because other wolves expect her to. She has acted as the leader of two worlds by now, and leadership is a second nature to her. Her head is held high out of habit and practice, not out of a sense of superiority, and she bears herself proudly. Her eyes glitter with understanding, but also emit waves of pain, so often that she no longer realizes that her deepest feelings are revealed in a single glance. The past was less than kind to her, and the memory forever haunts her. Though Kaive does not wish to seem intimidating, the wolf culture dictates that she, as an alpha and absolute leader of the land, must show dominance in order to keep the respect of her followers. Even so, she often resorts to friendship and requests more than she commands. Kaive is still gentle and kind, but now she has a hint of steel in her that had not been shown earlier. Her kindness stays with her throughout her life, but at certain times she can be ruthless with little or no hint of gentleness. After living at Blossom Forest she has finally awakened her fighting skills, and though she does not quarrel often, there once was a time when she felt the need for violence against the murdering creatures that had slaughtered her family and home. Whenever her past is mentioned her entire body stiffens and there is an almost visible hatred emanating from her being. Despite this, however, Kaive is completely trust-worthy and once she gives her word, she will never break the promise. She has astonishing good sense and knows when to talk and what not to tell; she is a valuable friend and a very dependable leader. Kaive is a complex little soul, yet there is reason backing every one of her personality quirks.

Kaive's life had begun in an unnamed land, now only referred to as her 'homeland'. Her parents had been the alphas and leaders there and so she had grown surrounded by leaders and had been instructed in the ways of leadership. She had been happy and carefree as a pup; she had been the youngest and not nearly as smart or strong as her older siblings, but they had never bullied her. Scattered about her homelands were small, glittering pools that had significant impacts on the wolves living there; the waters of the pool formed crystals that eventually were polished into amulets through natural means. These Amulets were shaped like a wolf's paw, no bigger than the pads of their feet. From these Amulets the wolves were able to obtain powers of the elements; they recognized the value of these and harvested them from the pools each moon. These powers were hereditary and seemed to elongate a wolf's lifespan by many years, sometimes even centuries depending on the amount of Amulets and skills one had. Despite the power they had in their reach, however, the wolves of her homeland were peaceful and only used the Powers occasionally in hunts; they did not seek to dominate other worlds, nor did they fight amongst themselves. Very few actually trained with the Amulets for fighting purposes. As the leaders of the land, ranked even higher than pack alphas, Kaive's parents were subject to the privilege of having all of the different powers, including even the rarest of the lot. Kaive had inherited several of the basic Powers from her parents, but had never used them; therefore she had not known what Powers she had inherited until the need had arisen years later. When she had passed from pup to teen, however, destruction had struck the land. From another world had come the Beasts, savage creatures even larger than bears that were born with the power of transformation. These Beasts waited silently for a time and watched. They stole Amulets bit by bit from the wolves' stores and eventually all in their army had the Power. Then they struck and surprised the wolves with masterful control of the Powers, and even with experience of many years the few fighting wolves in the land were no match for the talent and brutality of the Beasts. Kaive's older brother led the pitiful defence force of their land, but before the first day had ended Kaive's parents had been attacked and killed. Their fighters were severely injured, but they had scarcely dented the ranks of the attackers. While the tatters of their forces struck for the very last time Kaive had fled with her sisters, who fought with the Beasts following them in order to let Kaive, the youngest, escape out of that world. Dying, Kaive struggled on in search of new lands where she would be able to start anew.

In actuality, Kaive exists in several 'parallel' universes; in each universe she always starts out from her homelands and lives in Eternal Realm for a while, but after that her destinations branch out into different worlds (or RPGs), depending on certain outcomes of certain events. For the sake of simplicity, however, we shall only take a look at one of these parallel universes, PU-A (Parallel Universe A). After Kaive escaped from the Beasts ravaging her homelands, she travelled around in a world where humans were plentiful for a few years until she reached adulthood. She stumbled quite by accident into a world where time was suspended, an entirely new world called Eternal Realm that was divided into five realms inhabited by different creatures. As the first wolf in this world, she claimed a realm for her fellow creatures and settled down as the leader in wait of more wolves to join her. Wolves came in time, but almost all of them were pups. Life carried on as usual, until a war started between the realms. Kaive led the wolves against the other creatures and with time they achieved a tentative peace. Time passed, but they did not age, as all in the world was eternal. When Kaive finally moved on, she left out of a sense of restlessness; there was nothing left to be done as the leader of the wolves and she felt a keen boredom at the eternal repetitiveness of the land. She once more crossed back to the human world and found many new developments that had happened during the decades she had spent in Eternal Realm, changes that made the world of humans no longer safe for wolves to continue their wanderings in this world. Once more Kaive went in search of the passage to another, more peaceful world, and during a night's expedition through a secluded forest she stumbled across the secret of Blossom Forest. She learned the way to control the opening and closing of the entrance and therefore made sure no human ever stumbled across this world; she patrolled the area every night in order to lead groups of wolves into her land. Blossom Forest prospered and grew, and there was no limit to the land's resources. The day came, however, when Kaive learned of the presence of a Beast that had snuck into the land and taken up residence in a cave, wreaking havoc on those who ventured near. The Beast played with them like a cat might play with a mouse, even going as far as to tempt them to attack by giving Amulets to two wolves. Kaive soon launched a rescue mission and, accompanied by those two wolves, she set out to rescue a group of pups that had been captured. She struck a bargain with the Beast, who seemed to only care about the death of Kaive, and thus allowed the pups to safely escape the cave. Then the three wolves summoned their powers and started a fierce battle with the Beast in order to save their own lives, but found the creature to be overwhelming in strength, power and guile. In the end their survival was insured only by the timely arrival of Jenygre, Kaive's brother. The wolves retrieved the Amulets the Beast had with him as well as a stone bowl containing the magical substance that automatically formed the Amulets. The Beast escaped despite Jenygre's power, however, and continued to lurk in the caves until some time later, when Jenygre dealt with the creature once and for all. The Beasts, however, did not give up and soon their army was spotted not far from Blossom Forest. Kaive summoned a group of brave wolves and granted them each certain Amulets and Powers in preparation for the impending war. The war has begun, but at the moment the outcome is uncertain. If the wolves of Blossom Forest win this war, Kaive would remain at Blossom Forest, possibly for the rest of her life - living out PU-A; if the Beasts conquer Blossom Forest, however, Kaive would move on to yet another world, Kingdom Naclose in Parallel Universe B.

Kaive had a fairly large family and her pain was more severe than could be ever imagined when she finally came to accept that she might have lost not only her parents, but her siblings as well. She was born a year or two after her older siblings, so she was often left behind as a pup while they were taught lessons that were meant for teens and not yet for pups. Jenygre was her older brother, and Mioryfaw and Luiphris were her older sisters. Two traits that marked the family were their white pelts and eyes that were shades of blue. Jenygre had dark blue eyes; Mioryfaw had pale blue eyes; Luiphris had sapphire eyes; and Kaive had azure (or sky-blue) eyes. As the eldest of the four of them and the only male, Jenygre was the strongest and most dominant, and therefore the heir of the land and pack. He trained constantly with his Powers and gained the privilege of receiving several rare Amulets that came along once in a lifetime. He learned to combine the different Powers into a single attack that shone white, a skill that required years of study and practice; there was no one in their world that could have stood against him in a battle. Jenygre was their parents' favourite; there had never been any doubt about that. He was the perfect battle commander, but Kaive was probably the better leader. Jenygre had a habit of expecting and demanding complete respect and perfection from his followers and his temper often did more damage than good. His followers respected him, of course, but most of them out of fear. Kaive had a gentler touch and most of her pack mates were friends more than anything else, wolves that would give their lives even without her asking. Mioryfaw was brave and fierce, almost the match for any male alive. She was not as dedicated to training as Jenygre, but she had the same urge to fight coursing through her blood. She generally ignored her sisters, but turned extremely protective at the first sign of a threat. Luiphris was just as gentle as Kaive, but with a loving and motherly nature that her younger sister did not have. She was the sibling that Kaive loved the most, since Luiphris had practically raised her. Luiphris was not without steel, however, and she could fight even more passionately than her siblings out of love for others. In her puphood Kaive had never experienced more than a moment of loneliness, which made surviving those years following the Beasts' attack almost unbearable; but she survived, stronger than anyone could have predicted, and now she had her brother at her side to support her in the long journey still ahead of her.

There is more yet about Kaive to be discovered, but even now she is hard enough to unravel. How much more of her personality will be revealed? How much more detail can be added to her history? The strange thing about Kaive's development is that her creator never really sat down to think and plan ahead; the personalities were revised later, the history expanded along the way and her family members developed whenever an idea came along. There is no doubt that much more will come later, but for now Kaive is a complicated character that has changed many people's lives forever.