Map of Blossom Forest

I know that it's usually easier to role-play when you don't have to follow guidelines, but I've decided to put up a map of Blossom Forest just so there's something people can follow and agree on. This probably won't be how you've 'always imagined it', and - to be honest - this isn't exactly how I imagined Blossom Forest either. One of the problems I had when I drew this map was fitting the packs on according to their pack descriptions - remember, the alphas wrote them, not me, so they were pretty wide-ranged.

Some of the places on the map will be linked to a board on Blossom Forest. If you hold your mouse over an area, you will be able to see the name of the place. Some parts of the map are just unnamed forests though and won't have a link.

This map was created with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and the image map was coded with some help from Adobe Image Ready 7.0.

Warning: Beware my horrible mouse-drawing skills.