Plot Summary

I'm sure lots of people have read the updates mentioning a 'plot', so I've written a summary of what's been going on to fill people in.

Strange things started to happen in the Cavern of Secrets and two wolves (Chijiresusu and Silverstar) found 'Amulets' in there. The Amulets were things that gave Powers to the user and they originated from Kaive's Homeland, which was attacked by 'Beasts' and destroyed. It turns out that a Beast was in the caverns and he was the one who had the Amulets. Pups that went to the Cavern of Secrets were kidnapped and held hostage until Kaive, Chijiresusu and Silverstar went in to try to save them. The Beast was much more powerful and they were being overpowered until Jenygre (Kaive's brother, whom she thought had been killed at their Homeland) showed up and helped defeat the Beast. They forced the Beast to give them the substance that generated the Amulets, but the Beast managed to get away.

With Amulets now, Kaive and Jenygre recruited wolves that were willing to fight and gave them Amulets/Powers, since an army of Beasts was coming to attack Blossom Forest. The Blossom Field was burnt before the Beast of the Caverns was finally killed.

There was an attack by a small group of Beasts at the Abendrot Pack a while ago and a more recent battle against a powerful Beast at Bright Moon Pack. The Oak of Alphas was destroyed while the wolves with Powers were at Bright Moon and the Amulets were taken back by the Beasts. This is where things stand right now. The final battle will be held in the near future.

There have been two opportunities for people to send their wolves to join the army, but right now I don't think we'll be able to give out any more Powers since in the recent attack the Beasts have stolen the Amulets (the stuff that gives Powers).

Note that this is only 'my plot', so to's not really a site plot (meaning the site isn't based on this plot) but it's not 'my plot' in the sense that I'm not sharing it with other people. This is just my little way to pass the time and it just happens that I'm the owner, so I can add in Powers and stuff. Anyone can feel free to make up their own plots at this site as long as they don't break any of the rules.

After this plot is over, Powers will be available to wolves, so if you don't get involved in this plot don't be too discouraged.