Rules for Hunting and Prey-Playing


1. When you start a hunt, you may state the animal you smell, see or the one you're after, but nothing else.

2. If you have arranged for someone to play your prey, you might want to include an OOC note to avoid conflict.


1. Anyone can play prey for any hunt, as long as it's not for your own character. If you have spare time and see someone in need of prey, feel free to play an animal for them to hunt.

2. Try to play the prey as realistically as possible and don't always let the wolf get the meal all the time. The hunt is a contest between the prey-player and the player of the character. If they fail the first time, they can definitely keep trying.

3. The prey can injure the wolf.

4. Prey can be anything ranging from mice, to snakes, to rabbits, to birds, fish, boar, deer, goats and anything else you can think of, as long as wolves have a chance of bringing them down. No bears, cougars, lions, tigers, etc. please!

5. Prey for lone wolves can't be any bigger than a fawn/calf/kid/etc.

6. You decide when the prey is dead or finished.

7. When you play the prey in pack hunts, try to keep all the posts in mind. Make a note to mention each of the wolves' actions. If you don't understand, don't play the prey for pack hunts.

Please try to follow these rules exactly/as best as possible. For any other issues, use your common sense or ask on the OOC Board. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by everyone. Thanks!