From a distance the wolf can be seen, moving as swiftly as a shadow beneath the night sky. She flows along the unmarked and indistinct path to her world with the certainty of an age-old traveller, barely pausing between her sudden halt and the bending of knees to crawl through the entrance, a small, tunnel-like hole shaded and obscured from view by branches; not only is it hidden from normal sight, but there is no scent to be caught of the passings of many canines before. Unbelievably, the entrance had not been there but seconds before.

The bright light of midday shines blinding into eyes previously adapted to the dark of night; the time of the day had changed just as rapidly as location and, more importantly, world. Florescent green leaves shimmer gently with each passing of the clouds, the breeze ruffling the pelt while bringing forth a whole new world of smells. As eyes adjusted to the daylight the lithe figure of the wolf vanishes from sight, though her presence remains hovering overhead, as it shall be for a long to come.

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