Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark, mahogany coloured pelt. She has hazel eyes with flecks of black. Both eyes are surrounded by a thick black circle, giving her the look of a thief. She has black paws as well, blending in gradually with the roughly tinted brown fur, and an unusually bushy black tail, like a fox. She is slightly small for her age as well, only coming up slightly below the shoulder of the average wolf. She has a strong, lean body, built for battle and great in endurance.

Personality: Zeiden may be a small wolf in appearance, but make no mistake. She will lash out at you unexpectedly, if you have offended her in the least bit. She may be a little uptight at times, a little sensitive and hesitant to answer certain questions, or maybe even talk to certain types of wolves. She keeps to herself all the time, but when she does speak, she absolutely hates it if she is interrupted. When she does talk however, she only talks to wolves she believes are worthy of her superiority complex. If she is involved in a conversation with a wolf of a higher status than hers, she only speaks when spoken to. She believes that speech is quite unnecessary in comparison to actually taking action, which is why she was made a general. She also detests receiving orders she herself does not agree with, though in time she carries them out anyway. (Once dismissed with such orders, it may result in her cursing under her breath, and please do not be afraid if you discover a couple shredded bushes and a dead rabbit or two along the way).

History: Born in the wastelands, Zeiden has lived most of her life in dry, harsh conditions. Living in such an environment meant the wolves had no choice but to work hard, striving to live a normal life in spite of the lack of food and other provisions. This is what has molded her into the creature she is today.

Other: Zeiden is a general under the command of Cryogenics.