Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: A heavily built beast, Black-brown with startlingly green eyes; he has a ragged scar down his forehead that cuts into his muzzle and half-way down his nose, ending at his left nostril.

Personality: Vhymeth is a very uptight and wary wolf as he's always on guard. He's very sullen and keeps to himself, however would gladly fight whenever his mistress (and, at one time, Shetani) bids him to. However, he has a darker side to him that many just can't fathom. Have you ever heard of the saying, "Watch out for the quiet ones"? They're talking about Vhymeth. Once in a while, one can catch a certain glint in his eye...

History: His history is unimportant; what matters is that he cannot remember anything before The Commander and her teachings. Lives, breathes, and plans to die under The Commander.

Other: Was Shetani's Captain, and is still secretly loyal to the wolf who had become his hero long ago, the 2nd in command.