The Commander (Alias)

Name: Unknown

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ebon, with piercing amber almond-shaped eyes. Sleek china-doll figure, very effeminate; long and slender.

Personality: Unlike many wolves, she doesn't hesitate to show her emotions. Sadistic, yet syrupy sweet. Almost childish at times, very feminine. A confidence like that of royalty, and quite cunning. Males are naturally drawn to her because many aren't used to a female wielding such power. She has a way of naturally infatuating them. However, she abhorrs being touched, except under very special conditions - her Cimmerii both pine for and greatly fear her touch, for no wolf has ever lived for longer than twenty seconds after she has touched them. She's quite deceptive by nature, contradictory. It's part of why she is so well feared, and so hard to understand.

History: The Commander is precisely that; a commander. She leads a band of entirely male warriors that bend to her every whim and command called the Cimmerii. Despite her effeminacy, her deadly ways and astounding beauty have earned her their twisted love. Of course, they are recruited and 'trained', though in reality they are relatively unnecessary. Of course, if anyone were to tell them that they'd be dispatched in the blink of an eye. They were originally led by her father, though she got her power from daddy-dearest after an 'unfortunate event' leading to his 'unexplainable' death. Of course, she is here to collect her most prized of warriors.
He'd make an ever-so wonderful daddy.

Other: She is the one and only oppressor of Shetani, and the reason the beast is the way he is now. Her Cimmerii are beginning to fall apart, and to the Commander, only Shetani can ease their worries and reunite them under both his and her reign. She has brought her three highest ranking warriors to help...persuade him.
The Commander is pregnant as a part of the plot.