Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: A black wolf overall, with a white half mask that coats her cheeks, underneath her muzzle, and at the top of her neck. Her 'mane' is quite a bit thicker than normal wolves, but it only helps in the appearance that she is ferocious and violent. She is the average size for a female grey wolf, though her puffy fur does make her look larger. Though her pelt seems covered with the black fur, she is not heavy at all. She wouldn't go as far as to say her coat was silky and smooth, as not many wolves' are. Her pelt is somewhat coarse, but as she was never a pet for humans it is not an important matter. She could be considered beautiful, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. As she ages, her coat will turn lighter and lighter, and perhaps if she gets old enough she will turn into a snowy white colour. Her eyes are a deep yellow, but any light that glazes off them will turn them into an orange or pale buttercup.

Personality: She is what one could consider a 'sly' wolf. She does things only for her own benefit. If she joins a pack, it is because she thinks she can rise in the ranks, that she has a shot at becoming the Alpha. She doesn't love anyone, not even a supposed 'mate'. As stated before, she does things for her own gain, and she will not do favors for others unless she thinks it will pay off in the future when she can make them do something for her. Though she can mask everything very well underneath a 'normal' exterior, she is quite the deviant on the inside. As no wolf can read minds, she is safe under her fašade. She has practiced her act for years, and not one wolf on the earth can get past it. The only way to make her crumble is if you actually manage to get her to like you. That is a near impossible task, by the way. She loves being in control and though some canines have that 'sixth sense' to warn them of her ways, there is no solid proof. She is the best of the best at acting, and only the best of the best can bring her down. Of course, that won't be happening anytime soon.

History: It is unknown to all around her, but a short summary just for the cause.
She was born of two loners and at the age of one she left her parents and her two brothers. There was no point staying. It wasn't like she was favored above the rest or anything of the sort. She started learning how to mask her feelings and emotions with an instructor, just another lone wolf she had met. He had said that to cap over your emotions is the hardest thing in the world, and if you could do it...You were invincible. At the time, Tatiana had been power hungry. She wanted a pack of her own, she wanted a home of her own. So she wanted to be invincible. She practiced over the years, slowly learning how to divert feelings into something else. It was a lot more work than she had expected, but it had been worth it.

Trickery was her game now. And her own kin were the prey. She got what she wanted, when she wanted, because of this, and she grew quite powerful. But one day, she got bored of it all. She needed a new place to show her cunningness. And so she left them, in search of a new area to play her tricks on. She stumbled upon this land, and soon realized that there was a certain pack she wanted to join...And we shall see what happens then.