Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: White and brown with patches of black around her head and legs.

Personality: Gentle, but her history has made her hard when she needs to be.

History: Her mother and father raised her, but when she was a year old her father died. Her mother was so distraught with sorrow that she chased out all of her pups, the only ones who could have brought back the pack. Talim was split up from her two brothers and one sister. Since she was so gentle, she was usually bullied by her older siblings. She lived alone for a while and that hardened her. She met her sister again, but didn't realize that it was her. Talim attacked her sister and killed her. She had claimed that little piece of terra and whoever stepped in, died. After a few days, when she went back to the carcass, she recognized her sister. She ran away, frightened at who she had become. She seeks guidance and a friend, one who won't abandon her like everyone else.