Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has two white patches on his cheeks, and it just touches his eyes. The top of his muzzle is a variation of browns, and from his orbs up its mostly dark brown and white. The top half of his pelt is also dark brown with hairs of white here and there every so often. The lower half of his bodice is light brown with some white mixed into it. His pistons are white with some light brown in random patches. His orbs are a bright yellow, and his form is the average size for a male grey wolf. His body isn't made up of all muscles, but he would never be considered fat. He is somewhat strong, and his snout is a little longer than most wolves, giving him the ability to grab opponents from a further distance and snapping with more force.

Personality: He is a quiet wolf. Not one to speak out, and usually doesn't defend his case unless it is something very important to him such as family. He is hopelessly faithful, and would not do anything to hurt a fellow canine. It is easy for him to forgive, and although he can hold grudges when needed, he is usually the one that makes the most friends. If he finds another intriguing and they start conversation, he will gladly step out of his 'shy' personality and talk with the other. He is fiercely protective of his sister, as most brothers are, and he won't let another wolf touch her, much less hurt her. His beliefs are strong, and although he may nod at another's remarks he cannot be swayed in his position. He is not an arrogant wolf, and will submit to an Alpha without hesitance. He never was one for leadership. He leaves job that to his sister.

History: The two left their homeland when they were a year old. Sylkis had been driven out, and Skylis had followed him. The pair had always been closer to each other than the rest of their litter consisting of three males and two females, not including themselves. The mascu had been almost at the bottom of the pile, just managing to dominate the two females. Skylis, on the other hand, was at the very top, beating back her older siblings. She was the youngest, and Sylkis was the oldest. It was quite the mixed up situation.

They had wandered for a year, learning how to fight on the way. Skylis had gotten two scars, the two black marks on her mug, from a male that had been trying to force-breed her. Sylkis had killed the opposing brute, and saved his sister the humiliation of having to bear an unknown wolf's children. She was grateful for that, and the two bonded quite nicely. After a year or so of fighting various wolves that had gotten in their way, and wandering, they grew weary. They no longer wanted to watch their backs twenty-four seven, and so they seek a pack in which to live. Together, forever.

Other: Skylis is his twin sibling by birth.