Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is quite the pretty one. She has white cheeks, like her brother, but there is almost not a spot of brown on her. The tip of her muzzle is a light brown, but it quickly fades into a greyish black. The rest of her pelt is an even black with fringes of white every other hair or so. Her four pillars are snowy white with a streak of light black on her two fore limbs. The sides of her auds that face each other (somewhat the inside) are tinted light brown as well. The tip of her banner is black, and it fades into the even black and white. Her size is a little larger than average for a female grey wolf. She is pretty much the same size as her brother, but she is a little more muscular as one of her hobbies is seeing how far she can run before getting tired. There is nothing out of the ordinary for her, except two small indents of fur on her visage. They appear as two black dots. One a little lower than her left eye, and the other on the left side of her muzzle. These are explained in her history.

Personality: She is a wily one. She almost never speaks, save saying her name when the Alpha asks, instead, she can 'say' everything with her body language. Many a wolf has mistaken her as mute because of this. She always seeks a higher rank, but she probably wouldn't fight for it. If she is given the chance, she will break out of her quiet shell and grasp at what she wants. She is not spoiled, and rarely gets what she desires. Her brother is strict, and he had driven many a suitor away from her. She had been getting quite attached to a male in the past, but her brother had ruined it all by chasing him away. She is usually mad at him for some reason or another, but she can forgive as well. Although she is more of a grudge holder than Sylkis, she can learn to 'forget' as long as you give her some sort of peace offering.

History: The two left their homeland when they were a year old. Sylkis had been driven out, and Skylis had followed him. The pair had always been closer to each other than the rest of their litter consisting of three males and two females, not including themselves. The mascu had been almost at the bottom of the pile, just managing to dominate the two females. Skylis, on the other hand, was at the very top, beating back her older siblings. She was the youngest, and Sylkis was the oldest. It was quite the mixed up situation.

They had wandered for a year, learning how to fight on the way. Skylis had gotten two scars, the two black marks on her mug, from a male that had been trying to force-breed her. Sylkis had killed the opposing brute, and saved his sister the humiliation of having to bear an unknown wolf's children. She was grateful for that, and the two bonded quite nicely. After a year or so of fighting various wolves that had gotten in their way, and wandering, they grew weary. They no longer wanted to watch their backs twenty-four seven, and so they seek a pack in which to live. Together, forever.

Other: Sylkis is her twin sibling by birth.