Age: Pup

Gender: Female

Appearance: Strawberry blonde with dark brown on her tail and ears. She has one pale gold eye and one dark brown eye.

Personality: Cheerful and assertive, but usually quiet. Gets frustrated easily and hates all forms of violence.

History: She doesn't remember anything of her family, save for little snippets and bits. She seems to have a mental condition and sometimes stops in the middle of what she's doing to stare straight ahead of her. When she snaps out of it, she claims to have remembered something, although she gets very frustrated being unable to piece the tiny memories together. She was wandering in the forest alone when she was attacked by a bear. Archer happened to come by and fought it off, recieving two cuts on his left flank that would never totally heal. After a brief conversation, Shinja asked if she could tag along with him to wherever he was going. He reluctantly agreed after much persuasion on her part and told her she could come if she didn't get in the way. Ever since, Shinja has idolized him as her big brother.

Other: Her name means 'Believer'.