Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: A large, dark grey wolf with a white stomach, paws and muzzle. He has two yellow eyes that always appear as if they are glowing.

Personality: He is very prideful and vain. He is also rather prissy, but is a great and powerful fighter. He likes to taunt Vhymeth and will sometimes try and seduce The Commander, although he always fails. He tends to shy away from blood, not wanting it to get on his fur, but he loves the taste of it. He's much like a blood connoisseur; to him it is a fine wine, and through it, he can tell much of a wolf. He knows its scent better than most.

History: Sevaur was readily 'accepted' into the ranks of The Commander one year back after word spread of him. Apparently he was treated as the omega in his old pack for his vain ways, but when he could no longer take all the chafe remarks and cold treatment that he slayed them all.

Other: Lives, breathes, and plans to die under The Commander. Was Shetani's Lieutenant, the 3rd in command.