Sapphire (Saffy)

Age: Pup

Gender: Female

Appearance: She pretty much follows after her mother, Kilika, except with a lot more brown than grey. Like her brother, Keitaro, the tip of her snout is covered in a light brown, but the upper half of her visage is a dark brown, not quite black, with a few strands of white. The bottom half of her features are white, and so are her stomach and pistons. Across the top half of her bodice is black mixed in with some very dark brown. On her chest there are a few 'streaks' of light brown, and the rest of her form is a snowy white. With age she will grow quite beautiful. Her banner is already more bushy than usual, and her coat as well, foretelling that she will have plenty of fur in the future. Saffy's orbs are a dark yellow, almost dark enough to be mistaken as a kind of lime colour. As a pup, though, her occuli are a navy blue shade. It will lighten with time, and it is obvious that she will grow quite readily.

Personality: Her personality is slightly happy-go-lucky. She will do as she pleases, when she pleases. There is almost no way to get her spirits down, unless a member from her family scolds her of course. She is attached to Ayasha, as her sister is equally friendly, but on the other hand...She seems to like Kei a lot. Although he ignores her, and sometimes even insults her, she doesn't seem to care. Saffy really is the 'only' thing that doesn't keep him from becoming totally cold and silent. She is shy around strangers, and can't trust imposters easily. If you know her, though, she is quite outgoing and enthusiastic. She loves life in general, and would never throw it away. Her one goal is to be like her mother: to have a mate and pups. A na´ve thought, but she is just a child, a child with hopes for the future. Hopefully, they will not be crushed as most dreams are.

Other: Kilika and Nodin are her mother and father. Keitaro, Chayton and Ayasha are her siblings, born in that order. She is the youngest of them.