Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Golden with sky blue eyes. Has an odd characteristic, in that one of his ears flops over to the side, not unlike a young pup or domestic dog, though he has nothing but pure wolf blood flowing through his veins.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky and friendly. He has somewhat of an aversion to authority, and can't really be forced into respecting another, mostly because of the feigned obediance he had to give his father when he was younger. If he does hold respect for another though, he doesn't lose it easily. Some can find him irritating (mostly because he is) and juvenile in nature, but he can get very dark and very dangerous when he needs to.

History: Though he was once the son of an alpha, the pack he resided in was far from what he wanted to be a part of. It was little more than a warring dictatorship, where simply casting another a stray glance could end in a death. His mother, who had been a prisoner of war when she was mated, was killed by his father when he was a pup, simply for trying to teach her son that there was more to the world than death and fighting, and trying to keep him good. Reiki had always believed anything his mother told him, and so, as soon as he was old enough to fend for himself, he ran, unwilling to be a part of the chaos. He came to Blossom Forest, like so many others, seeking a new beginning.