Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Appearance: Madrox is a slightly chubby white pup with unusual eyes. His amber pools give off a creepy feeling and can cause others to stay away from him, except for his best friend, Monoxide.

Personality: Trained from when he could walk by his father, the pup is evil and already has a constant blood lust. He has no remorse and no guilt whatsoever.

History: Madrox and Monoxide were both trained to be evil and murderous by Madrox's father, and they accepted the training willingly. They became his greatest students after only eight months. They became weary of the father's reluctance to kill within the pack, and slaughtered him without mercy as he slept. Monoxide's mother thought there might be a chance for them to change, even after they killed a loner's two pups right in front of her. She smuggled them out of the pack's boundries before the alpha could take any action, and they now find themselves in Blossom Forest with murder on their minds and in their cold, black hearts.