Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Looking much like the average timber wolf, Latios's fur is an interesting mix of shades of brown. His ears are black tipped, as is one of his paws. He is slightly bigger in build than his sister Latias. His eyes are a soft, silver-blue that are usually downcast, as he rarely makes eye contact.

Personality: Passive, shy and patient, Latios only speaks when he is spoken to. Because of his reserved nature and dislike of speech, he appears unintelligent in comparison to talkative Latias or wise Taiyo. This, however, is quite wrong, as he is intellectual in his own way. His quiet nature gives him the gift of understanding, being able to see things from another's point of view. However, this silent way of life has made it hard for him to get friends. Also, he has trouble expressing what he wants, as half the time he is not even sure what it is. Naturally cautious, Latios has poor self-esteem because he stammers.

Other: Latias and Taiyo are his sisters. He and Latias are twins.