Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Quite different from the other two pups, even her twin, Latios; she certainly stands out. Fur a deep russet red with a slender face and large ears; she is very bright compared to the mottled browns and grays of her family. Though the smallest of the three, her personality makes her appear much larger, especially compared to shy Latios. Her eyes are a very dark brown, sparking with fire and determination.

Personality: Loud, bossy and extroverted, Latias is the exact opposite of her twin, Latios. She never hesitates to speak her mind and stick up for anyone who looks like they need sticking up for. She dislikes bullies and will stop at nothing to bring justice to them. Cheeky, talkative and sometimes a little too sassy, she is the social butterfly of her family, loving company and anyone to talk to. She loves the pack atmosphere and is thrilled by any "togetherness" activities. Latias loves excitement, and enjoys herself thoroughly dodging danger and living life on the edge. Unfortunately for Latios and Taiyo, they are often left chasing after their crazy sister and her insane antic. Ah well, life with Latias is never dull.

Other: Taiyo is her sister and Latios her twin brother.