Keitaro (Kei)

Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Appearance: The upper half of his visage is black with quite a few white hairs. Moving downwards, along the top of his snout, is a patch of brown fur. The rest of his bodice is a snowy white with a few intervals of black and light brown combined. At the age of a pup, his form is lanky and his paws seem too big for his body. When he grows up, his baby fat will ebb away, and his colour will lighten up a tad. Muscles will form, and his bodice will no longer be that of a puppy. He will fill out, and perhaps even grow somewhat handsome, but that would be at the most as he didn't inherit much in the looks department. His coat is bushier than average at the moment, and his banner is longer than a usual pup's cord. Kei's orbs are a pale yellow, even as a pup. His odd features set him apart from the rest of his siblings.

Personality: As a pup, he isn't that different from the rest of 'them'. He is a lot more serious though, and will sometimes ignore his sisters' acts of play when an adult is around. He does not want to look like a pup, or be treated like one. When he grows older, his personality will be cold, and perhaps even harsh. If not treated properly as a child, he is one of those that will retaliate and maybe even kill. His temperament is most likely the ghastly side of Kilika combined with the bad side of Nodin. The only wolves that can actually somewhat 'control' him are most likely his parents. He most probably will give in to females more easily as he believes in 'justice', it would just mar his ways if he hurt a femme. His thoughts may be biased, but what more could one expect out of a canine like him?

Other: Kilika and Nodin are his parents. Chayton, Ayasha and Sapphire are his siblings, born in that order. Keitaro is the oldest of them.