Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaive's fur is white, as is customary for her family. Her eyes are azure, a typical sky-blue, and the sharpness of her mind is reflected in her eyes along with a soft edge that shows kindness and leniency. Like her brother, her body is slender; however, she sports a more elegent look and while she's agile, she isn't as fit for fighting.

Personality: In general, Kaive is very loyal and feels the pull of responsibility, both to Blossom Forest and her friends. While she's kind and usually lenient, she has learned to steel her heart when necessary, especially when the battle with the Beasts come up. Surprisingly, she has never killed before - with the exception of hunts - and Jenygre has taken it upon himself to keep his sister 'innocent'. Kaive and Jenygre balance each other out quite well, each one keeping a leash on the other.

History: The fate of her Homeland was revealed to a select few wolves in order to prepare them for the battle against the Beasts.

Other: Jenygre is her brother.