Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jenygre has the customary white fur that runs in his family. His eyes are a dark blue and are usually half-veiled in an anti-social and vaguely violent way. He isn't bulky, but he's extremely strong and fit; he was born for fighting with the advantage of agility and years of training has honed his muscles and instincts to a deadly level.

Personality: Loyalty runs very strong in the family and Jenygre is no exception. He's fairly dominant and prefers to lead rather than follow, but like any good soldier he can see the need for following orders and does so. He can be a very nasty person if one gets on his nerves. He has a bit of a temper and, unfortunately, he has the Powers to help him get whatever he wants. Kaive tends to be able to hold him back from tearing things - and wolves - apart and she often acts as a peace-keeper to calm him down.

History: The fate of his Homeland was revealed to a select few wolves in order to prepare them for the battle against the Beasts.

Other: Kaive is his sister.