Hell Fang

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: All black except for a small speckles of white of fur on her right forepaw and muzzle. One eye is blue and the other is grey, giving her a striking appearance when you look into her eyes. Her frame is average and slender, with compact muscles that give her agility in combat.

Personality: Generally docile, playful and somewhat submissive. It usually takes quite a bit to anger her, but when he crosses the thin line between sanity and the devil inside of her, it's quite clear. She is nearly uncontrollable when she is protecting something she loves.

History: Hell Fang was part of a prestigious pack known as the Fang bloodline. Through a small dispute, her parents and Alphas of the pack killed Darkkur's family, setting off a war that would result in the pack's arguable "death". One of the few survivors, she wandered alone up until her teen years, when she came across Blossom Forest and lived peacefully into adulthood--until Darkkur returned. Her new Alphaship at Moondown Shadows was threatened when Darkkur and Demon clashed. Through Demon's prevail has come her new resolve; she no longer fears for herself and will give her life to protect her family and friends...or what's left of them.