Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black with grey paws and a white area under her muzzle. Light brown, tawny eyes.

Personality: Quiet and calculating. She has a tendency to lean towards being selfish and arrogant, but she has a pleasant enough disposition. When it comes to meeting others, she makes snap decision - either she adores or loathes, and to be on her latter list means she will more than likely conspire to make your life hell for virtually no reason. Beware if she ever smirks - it usually means she is up to something nefarious.

History: Growing up in a pack that was mostly composed of females, she learned to distrust the two-faced nature of most of them, thus explaining why she operates more like a male. She retains the pride of having been Alpha of two packs in her past, but that status grew boring for her; it left little amusement and too much responsibility.