Hazardous (Haze)

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Haze is a typical grey wolf. Her colouring is a blend of white, grey, black, and a tinge of light brown. She is a tad larger than the average sized female, and to the inexperienced eye of a human, could be mistaken as a small male. Her orbs are a pale yellow, nearing an off white colour, but in a sunset or sunrise they turn into a shimmering gold shade. Her fur is a tad thicker than a normal wolf, but that is partially due to her past. Her frame is lithe and there is very little fat on her. Most of the space is occupied by muscle, but there isn't enough to slow her down in a fight. Her left ear is not exactly shredded, but there is a hollow area running upwards from near the middle of it. It was obvious that either a tooth, or a claw, was used to nick it off. There are various scars running across her bodice, and one that stands out above the rest is a 'y' shaped blemish running diagonally across her chest.

Personality: Hazardous is a quiet wolf; well, she couldn’t make a noise if she wanted to. She accentuates her movements in order to show her moods, but she has learned to illustrate her feelings within her occuli. Those windows to her soul are a key factor in knowing who she is, and what she is like. She is usually a submissive wolf, unless one provokes her. She knows how to fight, and it's obvious that she has been through a lot. She accepts dominance from others that are stronger and higher up in the ranks than her, but there is one thing that she cannot stand. Humans.

History: She was born of two 'tame' wolves. Haze's father was used in the pit fighting business, and her mother was a newly caught canine. Her father, whose name she didn't even know, was a champion. He was one of the best, and he was a pure wolf. Of course he didn't let humans bully him around, but there really was no way to fight back with a steel collar around your neck, and cow prods being jabbed at you whenever you showed aggression. He never actually submitted to a human, but he was smart enough to listen. Something that kept him alive for however long he lived.

Her mother didn't know how to fight. Not in the pits anyway. She had been captured just to breed. The owner, a respected pit fighter possessor, needed new blood in his lines, and so he took Hazardous' mother from the wild. She had never submitted to the humans either, and she was a very noisy wolf. She would bay, bark, howl, snarl, growl, and every other sound possible whenever a human was near. It got to the point where they had to tranquilize her just for a moment of silence.

Haze's owner paid a lot of hard earned cash in order to breed the champion pit 'dog' to his new wolf. He hoped, with all his might, that the pups would inherit the father, and not the mother's ways. After the usual gestation period, Hazardous was born. She had six other healthy siblings. Four males and two females, not including herself. She grew up happily and normally. She was one of the favoured ones so her mother would always look adoringly onto her, and she couldn't bring herself to lie to Haze. Her human name was something like Bayu, but no one ever called her that. They all called her Hazardous.

One day, when she was around a month old, the humans took her and had an operation. They didn't remove anything, but they did impair her vocal chords. She could no longer speak, and they did that because even at that age she was copying her mother by barking and howling through the night. They didn't want another noisy fighter now did they? The humans started training her when she was around four months old. That was when they took her away from her mother. Everything happened so fast that she wasn't sure exactly what was what.

She fought in many battles, and lost in quite a few. At last, she developed her technique and blossomed. She never had been the owner's best, but she was one of the top fighters. At the age of one, she escaped. How, she did not quite remember, but as soon as the cage door opened she had bolted. Her master had been careless in not muzzling her before deporting Haze to another pit. She tore into a few humans, and she was free.

Wandering by herself for a day or two, still dazed, she found a pack. Readily submitting so that she could join, she tried to start a new life. Sadly, a war had broken just three days after she had decided to put her past behind her. Once again, she fought. Taking down many wolves, and gaining many injuries, she was respected. But that wouldn't be enough to help her pack. They fell, and she was forced to flee or be killed. She decided to live alone after that, and she experienced many odd things in the wild. Now, at the young age of two she is deciding to start again. Hopefully, things will go as she has planned.

Other: She is mute.