Envision (Vision)

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Envision is mostly known for her eyes, sharp yellow and piercing. She knows if you're lying or not with a glance. Her body is fairly large for a female. Her fur isn't thick, but it isn't thin. She has just enough weight to unbalance prey or another wolf when she lunges. Her coat is a smoky white colour with some black mixed in on the top half. All in all she is quite a beautiful one, and she knows it.

Personality: Envision is a rather quiet wolf, but she will not hesitate to voice her opinions when needed. She may be called an 'arrogant' wolf, but she really isn't. If she was forced to be Alpha, sure she'd do it, but if she had the choice she wouldn't. She hates having to make all the decisions and having all the responsibility. She's fine being any rank though, even if she doesn't like it. She just likes being a normal wolf in a normal pack. She's an expert at fighting, having fought in many battles before. She wears no scars in remembrance of any of them though, and this is what makes wolves think she is inexperienced. They never know what hits them until they're dead. Her lack of scars is due to skill. She has gotten injured of course, but never huge wounds that she would carry all through her life. No...She's too smart for that. She's a pretty good wolf to have in a pack. Loyal, quick, sharp and seductive. She knows what she's doing at all times, and she never blurts out random things. All of her words are chosen carefully and concisely. Of course she has a flaw, as do all wolves, but she's not about to tell anyone...yet.

History: Her mother and father were just pack members, and so she was humbly raised. She wasn't spoiled, but she wasn't abused. She learned everything 'normally'. Nothing happened to her parents. They didn't die early, but Envision left early. She had crept out one night, after a fight that had arisen between her and her older brother. She was convinced that her parents hated her because they took sides with her brother. So she ran away. Envision grew up on her own, learning to hunt larger prey by herself. Her muscles slowly toned up and her fat ebbed away. Soon she was just one ball of fur with stiff bones and hard muscles underneath. She learned to fight by duelling with other loners for scraps of food. She learned a lot through these battles, and started to advance. Finally, one day an old Alpha crossed her path. They both spit and snarled, and then the battle was on. They were like two blurs, rushing in and out, weaving here and there. Envision won of course, but it hadn't been easy. She had a large gash on her side and many more smaller wounds. She recovered in time, with no scars to remember the battle. This was her breaking point, and she was deemed an expert in her own books. She fought every wolf that crossed her path from that day on, winning battles easily and some not as easily. Finally, after two years of fighting she grew tired and decided that a change in lifestyle was needed. She entered the Celestial Forests that she had skirted for so long, and decided to join a pack.