Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pearly white with bits of brown in places, like shadows of her skin. She looks almost identical to Miduntar. Enigma has purple eyes with blue stained lids over her right eye, with three burn marks under it, like dots.

Personality: Intimidating, mysterious, protective and loyal. She's also aggressive and power-hungry.

History: She has the same memories as a wolf that she claims to be her sister. Although Miduntar was a single child, Enigma seems to think that the two of them are alike. All she can remember is opening her eyes in a tube of syrupy water with humans staring in at her. Her mind still flashes back on those bad memories and of many other things they had done to her. She remembers being injected with needles that seemed to have given her unnaturally great abilites and strength.