Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her pelt is a pure, unmarred snowy white with eyes as blue as a crystal-clear sapphire. Lithe and lean, but sturdy, strong and slightly taller than average, she is built for speed and excels in the thrilling hunt.

Personality: Although rather sweet in nature, she can be tough and firm. As the daughter of alphas, and a former alpha herself, she can be rather dominant, but with her level head she knows better than to undermine authority because of her own pride. Although her mate and first love is dead, she shall honour his wishes for her to never be alone, and yearns for a new companion to help patch up the void that Moonlight's death created.

History: Snow white and a swift mover, Dreamer searched for a new pack after leaving her old one for...confidential reasons. After leaving that pack, her dream was to be an alpha of a pack of her own, just like her parents. When she was thinking about this one day, she was suddenly tackled by a beautiful solid black male with glowing orange eyes. She did not make eye contact with him or try to start a fight, but he seemed to like her because he sniffed her down and let her up. After they travelled together for a while, she fell in love and started her own pack with her new mate, Moonlight. But one day while they were hunting, the buck went crazy and Moonlight was killed protecting his love's life. So now she searches for a new pack, for she can not physically survive the winter as a loner, and she cannot emotionally survive without a mate and friends to curl up with when the weather gets rough.