Devil's Advocate

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Typical grey fur of all timberwolves, with peculiarly sentient amber eyes.

Personality: On the outside, he is nothing out of ordinary, and could easily pass as any other wolf. On the inside, however, he is very unique, as he possesses knowledge usually unknown. Those who do not know him know not of this, for he keeps it hidden to most everyone. He advises his enemies, with a cold, mocking smirk, to watch their steps, but he treats his loved ones with the utmost love, loyalty, and compassion.

History: His vast amount of knowledge is a result of his past. It was not completely devoid of happiness, though enough misfortunes came upon him to make him withdraw into the only safe haven he knew - his mind - and contemplate life and its many aspects. It has also pushed him into doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants, though all the whille treasuring those he loves and putting their needs and want before his own.