Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark brown coat during the summer and pitch black in the winter. He has a scar across his hindquarters and one across his nose.

Personality: He's a great fighter and is never scared to kill; this wolf is one dangerous animal. Power hungry and arrogant, the only wolf he ever showed loyalty to was his mate.

History: Death was brought up with Unloyal in the wilderness of the Dark Seas. Death earned his name for his ways. His mother, Athena, was an alpha and adored Death; she took him everywhere with her. As he grew from a pup to a teen, Death got worse. He spilt blood constantly and picked fights wherever he went. After Athena died, Death found a mate. Crystal was a timber wolf with a different story; soft and sweet, but mean if she needed to be, the pair bonded and became inseparable. On an evening hunt Crystal was shot by a hunter and Death went mad. He murdered his mate's killer and then turned to solitude. Ever since then, he's been unpredictable.

Other: His sister is Unloyal.