Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Darkkur is a dark blue-black, except for two small white tufts side by side on his chest that look remarkably like two outstretched angel wings. His irises are a light grey, making them almost indistinguishable. This gives him an eerie look. He has three remaining marks of battles past. The largest resides on his throat, and runs across horizontally. The second is on his left shoulder, from a bulletwound. The last is a scar that runs vertically from just under his right eye to the bottom of his lower jaw.

Personality: Although at first he may seem hostile and cold, and sometimes can be, Darkkur is a calm and level-headed wolf. He is often silent and often finds himself observing others from a distance rather than talking himself. He is kind to those he holds close and neutral to others. When confronted, he is rational and his thoughts are driven by fact, not emotion. An honest wolf, he is not afraid to speak his mind, but is not very opinionated.

History: Darkkur has come to Blossom Forest for refuge. A few years ago he took over Hell Fang's pack and nearly killed her, but enters Blossom Forest unaware that she is resident here. He was formerly an Alpha of an army of wolves that assimilated enemy packs by killing their leaders. Upon noticing Hell Fang's residence in Blossom, he tried to finish what he had started, but was stopped by Demon--another survivor and heir to the Fang pack-- and was brought near to death. He found a fae, Ice Fyre, and now attempts to pick up the remains of his broken life and piece them back with repent for his sins.