Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: His fur is a slick steel-colorred grey with few lighter areas of greyish white. His eyes are a brillant ice blue. He has two scars almost like cat scratch above his left eye. He may not be the most muscular wolf, but his legs look as though they were built for nothing but speed. The composition of his body is flawless for top notch speed.

Personality: He is daring and loves to be a prankster sometimes. He is known to be a speed demon, he loves speed. The warlike atomosphere from his past seems to have given him have a stiff attitude and great discipline. He is never afraid to stand up for himself.

History: Ever since he was born, Crash was raised in a warring atomosphere. His father was the Beta of the pack and was very strong. Crash had picked up his father's good traits, but his speed far surpassed his father's. Crash's mother had betrayed them for another pack, but they had defeated her and the plan to kill Crash, his Father and their pack. His father was eventually killed when he was alone. Since then, Crash only did what he thought his father would approve of. He worked hard and trained himself for years on end and achieved his rare speed.