Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blonde-tan with tufts of black along the back and tail. Clear blue eyes peer from a light face below black-rimmed auds. Her gaze is full of innocence and purity, but is there something more than what meets the eye?

Personality: Normally very kind, considerate, and respectful. Her mind and soul, after five years of living, are pure and untainted with evil. She is often wistful of wolves who dare to do something risky, but she hardly ever takes any dangerous chances. She is curious, but not to an overpowering extent. Circe is often a quiet, drawn-in fae, and she can be shy at times. She wishes for a new, more exciting life, but fears change. Will anything come along in her life that will spice it up, or will she live the rest of her days a pristine soul with not a single smudge?

History: Her history holds nothing too bad. She never knew her father and was taught by her mother to always be kind, honest, and pure. Her mother died when Circe was three from a sickness that weakened her body, and the last thing Circe promised her was that she would always stay pure for her.