Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Appearance: In a nice and general way, we can say that Chayton is 'double dipped' in the two colours of black and white. His back is the darkest colour of black, and the most solid. His tail is of the same colour, though it has a few white hairs grouped here and there. His head is of a lighter black with a thick stripe of black down his nose. The lower half of his muzzle and face is white or a light grey. His belly and chest are again a white or grey, but bleeds upwards where the two colours are interspursed. The fronts of his legs have highlights of black, but his paws are completely white. His eyes are a murky yellow and grow darker toward the outsides.

Personality: Chayton is kind and considerate of others and gets along very easily with most wolves. He is slightly protective of his younger sisters and he idolizes his older brother. As he approaches his teenage years, he notices that he different that his siblings. He finds that he sticks out like a sore thumb amoungst his litter as he has the oddest colouration. It is his only weakness; although Chayton finds it easy to love others, he finds it hard to love himself and therefore sinks in and out of depression.

Other: Kilika and Nodin are his mother and father. Keitaro, Ayasha and Sapphire are her siblings, born in that order. He was the second born.
His name means 'falcon'.