Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Although her pelt is lighter than her father's, it has the same texture and thickness. She has similiar markings as Char but they are not as noticeable. Charyou has the body of her mother, slender and femine. Her eyes are Char's though. They are the color of the sunset, a deep and fiery orange. When she is mad or feeling particularly cruel they darken to red and when she is in a good mood they are light and more yellow than orange. She is in good shape and has good muscle tone. Her limbs are slender and she is fast which gives her an advantage over larger and slower wolves.

Personality: A very cold hearted fae is Charyou. She takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, especially when she is the one to cause it. Very cunning, she loves to plot against others. Nothing makes her happier than watching the end result of her schemes. To someone who has never met her before she would appear to be a shy fae and most just ignore her. In reality she just prefers to keep to herself and is silently putting away bits of information so she can use them later. If your path crosses the path of Charyou, beware, otherwise you may find yourself in a situation you'd rather avoid.

History: She grew up with her father, mother and littermates in a rather remote area. Her parents were dark and cruel wolves although they never mistreated her or her siblings. When she was old enough the fae set out on her own to find a place to call home.