Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: A great, shaggy white wolf, he's much larger than your average warrior, but most of his bulk is muscle. His real talent, however, is as a strategist, rather than with brute force or agility.

Personality: Find out.

History: He went off to some type of war when he was young and rose extremely quickly in the ranks, seeming to have a natural gift for battle. In spite of his skills, however, his army eventually lost the war miserably. He went through a period of loathing, but since his only strength was truly battle, he went on to be a mercenary for a good while. He became so wonderful that he became a mercenary general, directing armies for whoever could offer him the most. As he became more and more successful, he despised war more and more, until he finally lost a huge war in the West, leading to many a gruesome death. Fed up with warfare, he left - with assassins chasing him every inch of the way - and wandered a bit, eventually coming here.