Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Though having grown much larger in size since his last memories in Blossom Forest, Callum is still leaner than most wolves his age. His large, deep blue eyes have softened over time, but his soft, ebony pelt remains the same, along with his odd silver-tipped tail.

Personality: Still the adventurous, extroverted and rule-bending pup that he always was, but experience and exposure have taught him to be more cautious than before. He's still learning how to think before he acts, so one can expect him to make mistakes here and there. Overall, he's easy to warm up to, and lets his tongue slip more than often, but still isn't ready to be responsible for himself.

History: Callum has a long history, involving a lot of migrating from place to place. His Bedouin-like tendencies started at a young age, when his parents sent him away from his birthplace to ensure his safety. He found himself in Blossom Forest, where he enjoyed his short stay, but then fled again due to the rumours of Beasts. His third home, Eternal Realm was also delightful, and his fourth, Kingdom Naclose, was certainly more than he bargained for. But surprisingly enough, the wolf now a teen has found his way back to Blossom Forest. As a pup, he had hoped that he might return to his parent's land eventually, but now he realizes that he must find another place to settle down in permanently.