Age: Pup

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ayasha looks most like her mother in the sense that she has absolutely no black or white colouration. Her lower muzzle, chest and stomach are a soft creamy white, with little colour blended in. Her face surrounding her eyes is a light grey and the bridge of her nose a light red. Her coat is a reddish brown with small hints of a dark grey running along her back and down her shoulder. Her legs and paws are a combination of the cream and brownish colour. Though a plain looking female, her eyes are the most captivating colour. They are not like the yellow of her brother, but a shimmering silver grey, flecked with the brightest amber.

Personality: Ayasha is comical and bright. She's sugary sweet and loves to play and have fun. She has constant energy that was inherited from her father, and loves to bounce around and explore. This little girl has an undying love for her family though she loves her sister a touch more than her brothers. She finds it odd that a pup like Kei wants to grow up and impress the adults, but Ayasha would love nothing more than to be a child forever. Being Nodin's first born daughter, he called her Ayasha, which in Native American means 'little one'. The two of them will always share that father daughter bond.

Other: Kilika and Nodin are her mother and father. Keitaro, Chayton and Sapphire are her siblings, born in that order. She was the third born.
Her name means 'little one'.