Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark grey with black markings on his muzzle, paws, ears and tail. He is a slightly lighter shade on his stomach. His eyes are pale blue and turn red in dim light. He has a slice out of one ear and an X-shaped scar on his left flank.

Personality: He is a seasoned but warm-hearted warrior. He often tends to act far too serious for one so young, but is very sarcastic at times. Though he acts as if he doesn’t care about Shinja, he is willing to give his own life to protect her.

History: He started life as an orphan wanderer, when he came across a warrior pack. Since he was just a pup, they let him join and he was trained to kill. When he was old enough, they started sending him out on attacks to rival packs. They prized him as their most powerful tool and he hated it. Archer finally decided he would not be their tool any longer and left in secret to become a wanderer. He was travelling for a bit less than a week when he came across Shinja. She has since tagged along with him on his travels.