Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light tan with mixes of darker tan along his back to the top of his tail. His light tan grows lighter down his legs to his white feet, except for his left forepaw, which is pitch black. The white on his stomach begins at the base of his tail and runs to his cheeks and the sides of his muzzle. His muzzle has a bit of a golden-tan that comes to a point at his forehead and gives way to an intricate pattern of black, tan, and white. His ears are golden-tan and his eyes are honey amber. Anarchy also has a small, star-shaped scar on his left flank that he's had ever since he and his parents can remember. He is well-built with a balanced amount of muscle and body fat. He is a good fighter and quick on his feet, and holds an amount of grace in his step not normally seen with his gender.

Personality: Very well-mannered most of the time, but he doesn't have that much of a choice. Anarchy has no need to watch his tongue, because he was born unable to speak. The only sounds he can make are small grunts and snorts, as well as clicking his tongue and using other 'instruments'. His deep amber pools show most emotions, but body language is a big plus. Anarchy is very respectful and also very shy. He couldn't just walk up to a wolf and try to communicate, especially since they hardly ever understand. He is just there as backup for those who do understand him.

History: There is nothing traumatizing or gruesome. He had a pretty normal puppyhood, but never knew his true mother. He was mysteriously left alone during his first days alive and was adopted by a lone pair of retired alphas that happened to stumble upon him and could nourish him. He was raised by the older couple for two years, not knowing that they weren't his true parents until he was officially a teen. Anarchy's adopted father told him on the day he turned two that they had found him, and it made him feel angry, sad, and lonely all at once. He ran away the following night, leaving the pair with nothing but half of a heart-shaped rock to remember him by. He keeps his half of the rock with him at all times, knowing that if he ever returns to them, they will know him as soon as they see it. For now, he just wants to join a pack and live life while he seeks to unravel the puzzle of his past. The only thing he has to go by for now is the star-shaped scar on his left flank, and the will to know in his heart.

Other: He is mute.