Demon Fang (Demon)

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: His massive pelt is covered in silvery gray. Black undertones envelop his body; deep streaks of ebon run along his back and are the most dominant of his shades. Two thin black lines streak down his mask from the outer edges of his eyes, accentuating their piercing golden-yellow hue.

Personality: Demon is quiet and keeps mostly to himself. He is not hostile, but neutral towards wolves he does not know. Quick to anger, Demon can get very vicious, and is protective of the few things he cherishes most. Although his heart resides in a dark place, his strong resolve strings the remains of his sanity together.

History: Demon is the only other remaining descendant; a direct heir to the Fang bloodline. After his pack was slaughtered by Darkkur, he spent many months wandering alone, taking what he could to survive and demolishing those in his path. Upon finding Blossom, he was reunited with Hell Fang...and Darkkur. An epic clash between the two brutes followed, but Demon was victorious, and remains Alpha male of Moondown Shadows.

Other: Tsukasa is his cousin.