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The Valley
v. 6.0, Black Lotus Petals
This is the first RPG I joined and it did a great job of getting me addicted to role-playing (in other words, worship the god Kuro for the existence of Blossom Forest). It's the most well-developed Wolf RPG ever, with magic, lots of freedom and a very interesting history. Owned by Kuro, who plays Hitomukashi and Baraen, and co-owned by Azureye, the player of Cayen.

Courage of the Wolves
The second RPG I joined. A Wolf RPG with three different sides, like The Valley. I absolutely love this RPG. I played Kaive, Felicia and Glosewan. This RPG is owned by Holly, player of Silverstar, Hope, Silence, Waptumewi and Obayana.

Sparkling Creek Valley
A long-lasting Wolf RPG. It has been open since 2001 and is still amazingly active! This is a great place for beginner role-players to start.

v. XV, Rebirth
A very old, very amazing and always very beautiful Horse RPG that's been open since May 2001. Beqanna is considered a legend in the role-playing world, and rightfully so.

Version One: Nothing Can Escape the Impossible
An RPG for players of all levels with separate areas for realistic, mythical and human characters. It's a great RPG born of three different sites that tries to accommodate role-players of all tastes.

An intermediate to advanced semi-realistic Wolf RPG with a great looking layout and lots of active players.


Virtual Pet Sites

Virtual Pets Site...I'm sure you've all heard of it. My two main accounts are animorphs_rules and sandrakuo.

Fairly new compared to Neopets, but extremely creative, organized and popular. Definitely worth a try. My username is Sandra - look for me on the Bureau of Statistics, under 'Top Referral Bucks'. If you want any hints or tips, just ask on the OOC Board.
This is an awesome Horse Racing SIM that's interactive, fun and challenging. Go give it a try!

Definitely unique concept and just as addicting as the rest of them ^.~ Very adorable-looking site.