Blossom Forest Wolf RPG

The shrill howl of a wolf rings violently through the air, disturbing the rare peace only brought about by the gentle sheets of night rain that currently bathed the earth. Indistinct footfalls behind the nearby vegetation are caught by sharpened senses, the soft clicking of sharp claws on the slick dirt path becoming clearer as the creature approached. A nearby bush shakes, parting to reveal an elegant white wolf. Bright, intelligent, sky-blue eyes shine confidently from the centre of the delicate arrangement of facial features. Her expression was what could only be described as a dutiful interest, a repetitive job that was becoming tiring. A gentle, honest smile appears briefly across her muzzle despite the apparent eternal repetition of the task; though long hardships had long since erased all basic joviality from the wolf, the happiness of sending invite had not yet faded. Her mouth opens, revealing sharp canines yet hardly intending harm.

"I am called Kaive, the leader of Blossom Forest, a world for wolves where no human has ever set foot. It is clear that you are currently a loner and without home; to you I extend my offer, as I do to all of pure wolf bloodlines. However, it is your choice to make; I won't force a decision, and rest assured that no one else would do so. Are you destined to follow me to the isolated land of canines? Or, rather, is it your preference to live alone? Will you come with me to Blossom Forest, or will you do otherwise and remain a wanderer? Choose quickly, for it would not be wise to linger here."

The words hang in midair for a brief moment, soon washed away by the pitter-patter of the rain. The wolf, Kaive, glances at the rapidly brightening sky, blinking away water from the receding rain. She smiles apologetically and disappears swiftly into the vegetation from whence she'd come, the land of Blossom Forest. If the choice was to follow then movement had to be quick, before all chance of entering the strange and mysterious land of Blossom Forest was lost.

[ wolf rpg | all levels welcome | accurate grammar/spelling necessary ]

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